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Tired of spending hours curating and formatting content for your newsletter? Newsblok is here to revolutionize your workflow. With our powerful Chrome extension, you can easily curate content and generate a newsletter in seconds.

Make newsletter writing part of your daily workflow. Collect news, let the AI write your blocks for you and let it publish on auto pilot.

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Imagine effortlessly creating professional newsletters, just like popular publications such as The Rundown or Morning Brew. With Newsblok, you can generate visually appealing, engaging newsletters in a matter of seconds.

  • Seamless Web Curation
  • Instant Newsletter Generation
  • Bite-Sized Newsletters
  • Easy Bookmarking

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Personalized newsletter powered by AI

NewsBlok empowers you to level up your newsletter game. If you currently publish monthly, NewsBlok will boost your productivity, enabling you to transition to weekly newsletters effortlessly. And if you already publish weekly, brace yourself for even greater possibilities – NewsBlok equips you to take the leap to daily newsletters with ease.

  • Scalable Publishing
  • Personalized Curation
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Increase your brand authority

Building a newsletter allows you to establish yourself as a brand authority by consistently delivering valuable content, sharing industry insights, and fostering a direct and meaningful connection with your audience.


Deliver industry insights directly to your audience’s inbox, positioning yourself as an authoritative source and building trust.


Stay top-of-mind by regularly sharing compelling and insightful newsletters that establish your expertise and credibility within your niche.


Cultivate loyalty by consistently communicating with your audience, nurturing leads and building a solid foundation of trust and credibility.

Simple pricing plans for every budget

Supercharge your publishing schedule like never before with NewsBlok. If you’ve been publishing monthly or less frequently, get ready for a game-changing shift.

7 days Money-back guarantee – Cancel Anytime



  • 3 Newsletter per month
  • Curate from your browser
  • GPT 4 Powered



  • 20 Newsletter per month
  • Collaborate
  • Newsletter templates

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  • Train model on your content
  • Use your own GPT 4 API key
  • Unlimited Newsletter

Changing the way you write your newsletter

Don’t fall behind on your newsletter schedule. Let NewsBlok seamlessly integrate into your workflow and put your newsletter on autopilot. Sit back, relax, and effortlessly create curated newsletters ready for publication.


Create newsletter in few seconds a day.

AI powered

Our model is trained on successful newsletter with 100s of thousands of subscribers.


Make your newsletters at the image of your team. Collect links as a team and generate a newsletter that sounds like your company.


What our beta users are saying

We thought that your bookmark could be more than just sitting in your browser. Write your newsletter on autopilot with articles, blogs and news that you curate daily.

“NewsBlok has made my newsletter creation process effortless. I no longer have to worry about searching for articles and writing summaries. It’s a true time-saver, and my subscribers love the curated content.”


Sarah Williams

Bright Ideas Inc

“NewsBlok has revolutionized my newsletter workflow. I now spend less time curating content and more time engaging with my subscribers. Highly recommended!”


David Brown

Top Notch Corporation

“As a busy marketer, NewsBlok has been a game-changer for me. The auto pilot mode ensures I never miss a newsletter deadline, and the AI-generated content is surprisingly good. Love it!”


Sophie Kim

Tech Wizards LLC


How does NewsBlok work ?
NewsBlok is a Chrome extension that allows you to save articles and news as “blocks” in your dashboard. These blocks can be transformed into fully-fledged newsletters using AI-driven content generation. You can then copy and paste the newsletter into popular email newsletter services like Mailchimp, Substack, or Beehiv.
Can NewsBlok help me grow my subscribers ?
Absolutely! Newsletters are a powerful marketing channel, and NewsBlok empowers you to own and nurture your subscriber base. With regular newsletters, you can build a dedicated audience and promote your products or services without relying solely on paid advertising.
How does owning my marketing channel with newsletters benefit my overall marketing strategy ?
By owning your marketing channel through newsletters, you gain more control and autonomy over your promotional efforts. Unlike social media platforms or paid advertising, newsletters allow you to directly connect with your subscribers and build a loyal community. This direct line of communication helps nurture relationships, cultivate trust, and drive organic growth, ultimately increasing your sponsoring and marketing opportunities.
Do you have a free plan ?
You will be allowed to generate one free newsletter to test out Newsblok AI. After upgrading your plan, you will have access to a 7 days money back guaranteed.
What is auto pilot mode ?
Auto pilot mode in NewsBlok generates a daily newsletter automatically based on the bookmarks or blocks you save. It takes the hassle out of manual content curation and enables you to publish newsletters regularly without investing excessive time and effort.
How can NewsBlok help me increase my publishing frequency ?
NewsBlok’s streamlined workflow and AI-powered content generation significantly reduce the time and effort required to curate and publish newsletters. With efficient bookmark organization and the ability to generate newsletters automatically, you can easily increase your publishing frequency without sacrificing quality or spending excessive time on content creation.
Can NewsBlok integrate with popular email newsletter services ?
Yes! NewsBlok seamlessly integrates with popular email newsletter services like Mailchimp, Substack, and Beehiv. You can easily copy and paste your generated newsletter content into these platforms, allowing you to leverage their features, audience management tools, and analytics while benefiting from NewsBlok’s streamlined curation process.