Using AI in Marketing

Creating varied versions of a product tailored to unique subscribers is an important aspect of marketing. But personalization takes a lot of time. AI changes that. Automation joins with personalization to create a faster, more efficient process. Marketers can save time and money if they create blogs, newsletters, emails, and even subject lines with AI powered algorithms. 

Specific benefits include email sending frequency optimization, lower unsubscribe rates, higher open rates, and a better deliverability record. AI makes it much easier to extract large sets of data that determine why some emails are high performing and then, based on that vital information, create marketing plans that optimize for those findings and reduce generic email blasts.

In a nutshell, AI makes it possible to grow your email marketing campaign in the most efficient way possible. Some of the benefits of that efficiency are:

  1. Creating compelling subject lines

Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generating (NLG) are the two technologies that are used to create AI Subject Line Generators, which optimize subject line creation. The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer can help you evaluate what emotion and style are best suited for your marketing needs. 

  1. Personalizing email copy

Use an AI Assistant to write email copy. Some of these tools include, Magic Sales Bot,, Smart Copy, Lavender, and

These tools pull individualized information such as updates from social media, announcements, tech stack, job listings, and much more from your subscriber’s email address and then tailor your email to include those personal details. It makes a huge difference. This ultimately provides critical information for your lifecycle email marketing decisions, so you can create brand loyalty.

  1. Gathering predictive analytics

AI can analyze subscriber data to predict if they will open an email, click a link, and even make a purchase.

  1. Cleaning up your email list

Manually deleting old emails and updating your list is time-consuming and tedious. AI tools can help you make those changes efficiently. They update job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

  1. Spam filtering

Along the same lines, AI tools can analyze emails to make sure they don’t end up in spam.

  1. Making segmentation easier

You can categorize your email lists using AI tools to use information like purchase history, surfing behaviors, and other patterns to help you segment your subscribers. AI makes it easier to know what kind of product and what style email works for each of your subscribers.  

  1. Retargeting in a strategic, smart way

AI tools can also help you understand when exactly to nudge a subscriber and when to wait.

  1. Recommending relevant products

Finally, AI tools can help you understand your subscriber’s footprints across your site, so you can make specific recommendations to them based on what they actually looked at and what is similar to it. 

AI will never take the place of an actual marketing human, though. While AI can generate data-driven, personalized content blocks, it can’t tell stories. And it’s those stories you tell, full of emotion and empathy, that ultimately keep subscribers coming back. A flesh and blood marketer will always need to have the final look and final say on whatever goes out to your subscribers. AI can make decisions based on data, but it can not—and maybe will never be able to—make decisions based on emotional states of mind. 

So rest easy. Your job is secure.